Say “Not Today, Friend!” to Depression with Jocelyn Guschl

“I had three small children, a workaholic husband who was so cut off, a mentally-ill mom, and other things. It was so hard to cope. But when it all ‘went down’ with my husband, I had to be hopeful. I HAD to keep going to treatment, whether I wanted to or not, to show the courts I was trying and to have allies. I was always a good mom, but my mental health was being used as the scapegoat to take the focus off of my husband’s transgressions (which is illegal in the state I live in) and as a legal tactic to ‘win’ my children. Losing wasn’t an option for me.”

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“The Attack Series” by Marinna Shareef

Marinna Shareef is a young Trinidadian artist who uses her manic-depressive episodes as inspiration for her work. For bipolar disorder awareness, she is releasing a photo manipulation series based on her bipolar experience. “The Attack,” consists of four pieces: “Fruit of Mania,” “Hall of Tears,” “Squeezed,” and “Too Attached”, [and] are visual representations of how her attacks make her feel.

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The Power of Being “Selfish” with Leslie Spainhour

“I’m no self-help guru but, I think the most important thing on your to-do list should always be – to take care of yourself. It is and isn’t just as easy as that. There will always be other things on your list, but you can’t forget to be selfish sometimes. It’s okay to not want to go out with your friends, it’s okay to nap after a long day, it’s okay to initiate an end; it’s okay to quit.”

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Gettin’ Kinky With Your Sexuality with Amp from “Watts The Safeword”

“If anyone ever asks for advice about their own sex, sexuality or kinks, I always approach it with how it makes them feel. How does identifying with your sex, gender or kink make you feel? What you do behind closed doors with consenting partners that makes you happy has nothing to do with anyone else, unless you post about it on social media, but that’s fine, too! I was in those shoes too at one point; a budding gay boy who just wanted to get off and feel satisfied with my kinks, and they’ll get there, too. Just take your time, always take your safety [into consideration] first, ask questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

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