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Alright, so, I’m new to all of these blogging traditions, so I may not quite have this down. Either way, I’m still super excited to be a part of something, so whatever! I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award tag by the lovely, beautiful, EXQUISITE @unfilteredmama (or you can find her right here, as well). Please feel free to check her out, you guys. As her name says, she’s got an unfiltered, real, and interesting take on her life as a woman, and as a mother. You won’t regret it, guuyss.

So, anyway, I think this is where I’m supposed to lay out some details on what this tag is about. TIME TO GET PROFESSIONAL-SOUNDING.

This tag is meant to help bring more awareness to your blog, as well as be able to help others grow in the process by passing it along to other bloggers that you nominate. We’re here to make connections amongst each other in the blogging community, you guys, so this is a perfect way to make those connections to get your blog goin’. So, here are the ground rules, as I’ve seen them:

  1. You recognize the person who tagged you in the first place in your Liebster Award post.
  2. You answer the questions they included in their post for you to answer (they’ll normally insert the new questions they want you to answer towards the end of their blog post. I almost got confused and thought I was supposed to answer the questions that were already answered, lol).
  3. You create 11 new questions for the people you nominated to answer.
  4. You’ll tag the bloggers you feel you’d want to see do this tag, preferably if they have around 200 followers or less (help their follower count jump the fuck uupp).

Without further ado, here are the questions Ms. Unfiltered Mama (I need to figure out your real name, I’m so sorry!) had for me:

What type of blogger are you? How did you get to where you are right now?

To be completely honest, I get sort of mixed up on what sort of blogger I am, lol. I bet others who read my stuff do, too, but I’m still learning. I’m primarily a mental health blogger, as I suffer from various flavors of anxiety (along with depression), so I wanted to be able to create a space to be able to talk more freely about it so that others like me could potentially feel less alone. But, I also blog about other subtopics, like society, politics, body positivity, self-care, and other things pertaining to things that affect everyone. I got to where I am right now through the help of my boyfriend, to be honest. Moods Reflective wasn’t even a serious blog thing until he started to help me look into hobbies I could be truly passionate about. I thought to actually make something more of this, and the blogging community hasn’t been able to get rid of me since.


When do you find the time to blog?

I normally try to blog while I have free time at work (usually in the morning-to-early afternoon hours), since I have an office job and have to sit in front of a computer, anyway. This way, I’m able to go ahead and stay motivated to keep my blog posts coming out semi-regularly, and I won’t have to spend an hour or more figuring out how to word things for a blog post when I’m spending time with my boyfriend on the weekends. I get real finicky about this shit, but still remain unsure about my posts once I post them. I’m just perpetually unsure of my words, forgive me.


Out of all of your published posts, which one is your favorite? Why?

Ah, well, there are a LOT of posts I could choose from on my Instagram blog page, because it was all I had before I made this “real deal” blog. So, to keep it simpler, I’ll choose a post from here. So far, my favorite post would probably have to be “How to Claim Your Life When Guilt Has Taken It From You” (here’s the link to it, if you hadn’t seen it). Either that one, or the “The Narcissist and the Sheep” one. Those both not only contain things that are extremely personal to my situations now, but are important things that I love to reassure people about.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time, besides blogging?

Aaah, I’m such a boring person. I actually don’t have a lot that I do outside of blogging now in regards to my “me” time. I mean, I watch inspirational YouTube videos (but more nonsense ones). I do have a love for watching obscure indie movies on Netflix in my spare time, too. I passively scroll through Facebook, even though it’s been known before to activate background anxiety (smart move on my part), and I’ve tried picking up running. I at least won’t be too much of a lazy puddle of human that way.


If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?

I can never think of one solid answer for questions like these. Man, I wanna go absolutely any and everywhere. It doesn’t matter to me. I’d preferably love to get out of the country at this point, though. Maybe go to Japan, or some other places in Asia. Maybe take a little trip to Italy. I wanna shake-n-bake my way around the world, essentially.


Are you a book reader? What book would your recommend everyone to read?

So, I’m not big on reading books now, sadly. I used to be obsessed with it as a kid. But, my attention span has suffered drastically, and it can take me a few minutes to wrap my fuckin’ head around what one paragraph was trying to describe (how embarrassing!). But, I do still try to dabble in reading, so I’ve got three books I wonder if others would like as much as I did: “The God Saga: Into Night” by Arax Kermani (my boyfriend, lol. This isn’t just to raise awareness of his book, though. This is legitimately the last book I’ve actually finished!), “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, and “Welcome to Night Vale” by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink.


Have you had any negative experiences with blogging? What did you do to overcome it?

Boy, these loaded questions. I love them, though, lol. Well, there are only two things I can think of that I would regard as more “negative”, but not truly too bad at all. One was my DAD finding my Instagram blog and following it. I mean, okay, I was kind of an idiot and gushed to him about it, but I guess I didn’t think he’d actually seek it out! I stay anonymous (or semi-anon) on this blog for a reason, and that’s to say anything I want, and be as nasty and vulgar as I see fit, without certain people that I know finding out that I’m behind it. That was a terrifying experience, and I had to block him almost immediately after he followed, and pray that he hadn’t started reading already (he hadn’t, thank JESUS). Another experience was when I was afraid I had offended someone on my Instagram blog when I promoted my post titled “The ‘Angry Lefty’ Mentality“. I care far too much about what people think, so when the person who commented seemed a bit taken aback, I was shook as hell. But, I have to remember that not everyone is going to take absolutely everything I say super well. That’s totally fine. I just owned up to things, and apologized if I’d come across as judge-y.


Where are you from? Favorite place to go in your town?

I’m from the US, in East Texas. That can either be a good or bad thing, depending on why you stay in this area. My area, however, is pretty uneventful. It helps that I’m at least a homebody. I’d say that one of my favorite places to go would be….aaah, okay, there’s a park not too far from where I live. It’s like a 5 minute drive, or so. It has a back area that’s meant to be a golf course, and it’s so ruggedly beautiful to me. It’s almost like my secret place. It has a little pond area, a fucking deck, and even seats around the pond to overlook nature. Nature is fucking amazing when mosquitoes aren’t biting me.


What has surprised  you the most about blogging and its large community?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much just putting your thoughts about things out to people can help you to create so many bonds you wouldn’t have normally had. That, and the fact that the online blogging community is actually super supportive of one another (though, most bloggers do seem to dislike automated messages that promote blogs, though, so…I mean, there’s that). I mean, ever since creating a Twitter account for this blog, I’ve run across an almost endless supply of blogging communities that come together, spread the word about one another, and provide feedback on one another’s posts. It’s a beautiful thing. Most other communities are actually quite toxic to each other, so this was nice to run into.


What are your long-term goals for your blog?

To be honest, right now, I’d love to be able to make it into a business sort of thing. I’d love to make it an official side-hustle sort of thing, and be able to say that I’m a sort of entrepreneur. However, that’s not the MOST important thing to me, as my intentions will then come across as incredibly insincere. But, be real, you guys: I know I’m not the only one who wishes for this to be a side-hustle. Anyway, my main long-term goal is to be able to reach out to many more people, start much-needed conversations about things society likes to sweep under the rug, and help others who need help coping with mental illnesses and life. I just get super excited when people actually give me feedback on my content, and then add on how they feel about it. Plus, I’m so awful at talking the way I wish I could in person with my social anxiety. This gives me the chance to really say what I wish I could.


Name something you can’t live without and explain why.

Support. Alright? I feel that I would be perpetually unsure of myself in anything I do in my life without some moral support. At this point in my life, I’ll admit to the fact that a lot of my fuel can come solely from being reassured. I know, I’m supposed to be able to support and reassure myself. But, it’s something that I’m still working on, you know?


Okie dokie, that ends the stream of questions that I probably rambled entirely too long for. I fucking enjoyed myself, though, so…I guess that’s what matters most. To continue the chain, here are the people I nominate:

Alright, so, to finish this up, here are my questions to you guys!

  1. Who are you writing for: the people, or yourself?
  2. Where do you normally draw inspiration for your blog posts?
  3. Who are you the most inspired by right now?
  4. If blogging is mainly your side hobby, where does your true passion lie?
  5. Do you feel that your current level of confidence is where you want/need it to be?
  6. Do you feel like you have enough “me” time?
  7. Are you most comfortable in a crowd, or hiding out in your room?
  8. In times when you feel overwhelmed by life, what do you do to re-center yourself?
  9. How do you stay motivated to keep writing blog posts if you don’t get the amount of feedback you’re aiming for?
  10. Does your family know that you blog? If not, why?
  11. What is a lesson you wish you would have learned earlier on in life?

If you’ve already done this tag, I’m sorry! Don’t feel the need to go through all of that again. Just know you’re appreciated (and everyone else out there is, too!).

Thank you so much,, for giving me the opportunity to take part in this whole thing. I’m feeling the love!



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