The Night Owl #1

  • 7/18/17
  • Art by Tami Gaston (check out more here)
  • 11:16 P.M. 
  • Mood: apprehensive relief.


I was supposed to make a post way earlier today, but kept putting it off to surf Reddit and shun my actual duties. 

So proud of how well I’m doing these days.

I guess this post will essentially be a little quip (maybe) about everything, and also nothing. I mean, not only is this more of an on-the-spot thing, but bloggers can’t come up with blogger gold all the time, you know? It’s a hard knock life for us sometimes. Content stops being original when everyone else has already talked about everything, so we’ve gotta start being us again.

Recently, I learned more about the front-face people put out on social media. I really, really used to feed into that shit (as I’ve said before). If people said their lives were better than mine and that I should envy it, I was like, “Yaasss, my life is a dust bunny compared to yours!”. I was already insecure with my appearance and struggling with my worth, but then, I had to struggle with feeling like I was living my life wrong.

But, oh, let me tell you: people will put absolutely ANYTHING out on the internet to look better than they are, even if it’s not totally true.

And these sorts of people put that sort of stuff out there because they know people (like me) eat that shit up, and don’t ask questions about it. They don’t research the sources they cite, they don’t ask how their experiences doing all this great stuff was, or anything. They just follow along.

But, when the research is actually done (if you wanna go through all that), you’ll find that everyone (old and young; rich and poor) is leading a normal life and experiencing the same problems as you are.

Because, what people tend to forget is that life doesn’t discriminate. The person you think is living the life is actually going through something harsh behind the scenes. We’ve all got it the same. 


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