What Love Means, According to Stephanie Van Burk


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What is Love? (“baby, don’t hurt me…”)

Well, that’s actually a very complex question, in spite of it seeming simple. I, myself, used to think that this question should be easy to answer, but I found it rare that anyone could quite nail it down in words. I never understood why love seemed so hard to explain.

That is, until I experienced love for myself.

Then, I realized that love doesn’t have just one concrete explanation. It has many, and those explanations can vary from person to person. Not one sort of love is the same, and not all love comes from the same place. Love is actually one of the hardest feelings (if not THE hardest) to truly cover.

However, love is a driving force for a LOT of people, and learning to understand what love means for us may help us tap into unimaginable change in our lives. Love has always intrigued me for that reason, actually. I wanted to look into it more and start to understand the power and effect that it has on our society.

I already had one key person in mind who had some of the best insight for this exact thing.

My good friend and model Stephanie Van Burk (who you may remember from this post)  has an enormous passion for love. I’d venture to say that her passion for it is what helps her to be one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. I thought it would be interesting to team up with her again to look into her views on love, and what it means for her. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“Love is the most powerful, indescribable, deep, [and] euphoric feeling for me. Everything seems brighter, happier, and more amazing when I am in love. When I am in love with someone, my love is unconditional, intense, extremely passionate, [and] with no limits. Love, for me, has no age, gender, or color. I love the other completely; I love them for who they are, in the good or the bad. I give them all my trust and would do anything to make them feel happy no matter what it takes, because [that’s] how much I care about them, and because their needs come before mine.”

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I obviously went to the right person about this topic. 

So much of what Stephanie said resonated with me. The last part especially made me realize that some vital aspects of love are vulnerability and sacrifice. Those two words are incredibly intimidating for some people to hear (especially in this day and age, where “ghosting” is rampant), which is understandable. Vulnerability is normally tied to the risk of being taken advantage of, and sacrifice is only thought of as giving things you’d rather not. However, in love, the perspective completely changes. And you’ll know when it happens.

Vulnerability never stops being intimidating, but it becomes beautifully so. It becomes about giving the person that you trust the most your heart, (potentially) your body, and the deeper aspects of your entire being, and then receiving their’s in return. It is become one another’s weakness, and being able to connect on a deeper level than you originally thought imaginable. It’s life-changing, and it’s amazing.

Sacrifice follows vulnerability, and it can almost be effortless to slip into. In love, you sacrifice how you viewed yourself as one dimensional, and you end up finding out things about yourself that you never would have otherwise, as well as experience the unique beauty of your partner. You become willing to do whatever it takes (make sure not to harm yourself or anyone else in doing so, however) to keep the relationship, and to keep your partner, and you end up doing so with warmth in your heart. You sacrifice for a better future for yourself and your partner.

I want to give another GINORMOUS thanks to Stephanie Van Burk for helping me put together another inspiring and insightful piece. Believe me, this post would not have been as beautifully written without her words to add to it.

And thank YOU for reading again. Damn, you’re charming.

Also, a question for you: What has love taught you about yourself and the world around you?

Please feel free to connect with Stephanie Van Burk via her social media outlets. I promise you won’t regret it!

Stephanie’s Instagram

Stephanie’s Tumblr Page

Stephanie’s Facebook Page

Stephanie’s YouTube Channel

Stephanie’s Twitter Page



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